FM Transfers & Data Update Packs

FM 2023 Transfers and FMTU

The dedicated FMTU website is the best-in-class Live Transfers platform and we are proud to welcome everyone in the Football Manager community to embrace this project.

Updated transfers from FM Transfer Update

FMTU features transfers from all around the world from the very best leagues to the small ones, including players, managers & other staff.

Deceased players/staff are removed from the database.

What FMTU stands for?

There is no official data update by Sports Interactive for the summer transfer window; that always comes with the new game release in November. But can you wait that long to manage your favourite club with the latest signings? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Leader & Supervisor with a much capable team

These Data Packs are created by me and other contributors on the FM Transfer Update community. A quality data update takes time and requires devotion. I have consistently delivered the best data packs since 2012, and that guarantees FMTU's success.

Make sure to visit our "Online Database Editor" in the link provided below, in which everyone can submit a transfer and update the database. All transfers need to be as detailed as possible.

Visit FMTU

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FM Transfer Update Top Features

Most Advanced Online Editor

Built from the ground up, our dedicated online platform is already superior than anything else you’ve seen around the scene.

User Friendly Transfer Wizard

We designed transfer wizard for your convenience. Smart, easy, efficient, elegant.

Most Detailed Data Edits Possible

In-depth information for players and staff, essential for what we believe makes a transfer update as comprehensive as it can be.

Community Driven, Collaborative Effort

Multiple contributors work on the data directly, removing the need to request changes from a single author.

Led & Supervised by pr0

Pr0 has consistently delivered the best data packs since 2012, and that guarantees FMTU's success.

Endorsed by the mighty FM Scout

The leading FM fansite community backing FMTU means that the popularity of this project will go from strength to strength.

Lightning fast data engine

Whether you are searching people by name or filtering by club, everything loads in a blink of an eye.

Projected squads and transfer history

Club profiles reflect current squads after all completed transfers.

Multiple Languages Available

Our contributors have translated FMTU into 10 non-English languages so far.

Top Transfers Watch

We highlight transfers that involve high profile players for your convenience.

Real Numbers, No Hoax

All of our data edits are 100% clean and accurate. No empty, no duplicate, no unnecessary changes.