FM Transfers & Data Update Packs

Installation Instructions

Where do I extract the files?

Open the file you downloaded with 7-zip or WinZip.

Select all .fmf files and copy-paste/extract/drag & drop them into the “editor data” folder which is located in:

PC – My Documents -> Sports Interactive -> Football Manager 2022 -> editor data
MAC – Documents -> Sports Interactive -> Football Manager 2022 -> editor data

If the "Editor Data" folder is not there, you have to create it, ONLY with this name, or else the game won’t recognize the files and won't work properly.

Play with additional leagues or leagues that are unplayable (like Cyprus).

Those who want to play with Extras/New Leagues, you have to drag them out of the "Extras-New Leagues" folder and place them in the editor data beside the other fmf files (Transfers/New players etc).

Choose only my files if you are not sure about the changes in each file. Different files together from multiple creators can cause crashes to the game, duplicates or other problems. It’s recommended to avoid using files from different creators.

How do I load the files into my game?

Open the game, "start a new game" and choose "career".

Select the "22.3.0 Update" which includes the winter transfers and select all my files (choosing the 22.3.0 Update which includes the winter transfers is a MUST or else the files won't work correctly).

Click "confirm" & "advanced setup" to setup your game. You are now ready to create a new game with all the latest transfers & things that have been missed from the official latest patch.

Video Instructions

If you are still having issues making these files work, make sure to check the video below. It's for FM19 but it still does the job for FM22.