FM Transfers & Data Update Packs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we play this update without the CA/PA changes?

Yes, the CA/PA file is a new file beside the others. The reason this pack has many different files is to give you the freedom to choose the files you want. If you don't want the CA/PA file (or any other file from the pack), simply don't choose it when you start a new game.

Why don’t you remove all injuries or loans at once with 1 click and you remove them one by one ?

Yes, there is an option to remove all injuries/loans with 1 click, but doing this, will also remove injuries that have a duration after June 2019 and are still active in real life. So, I just "take" the injury 1 year back instead of removing it.

Would it be correct to remove the injury from Marco van Ginkel when he is still injured irl? Or removing Alvaro Morata’s loan in Atletico Madrid when he is still loaned from Chelsea? (2 years loan).

Where can I find the 19.3 patch?

The only way to update the game with the new 19.3 patch is through Steam. There is no other way.